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August 8, 2018 Home renos No comments , , ,

I’ve now got all but a very light skim coat left in my office (plus some sanding and priming), and then I’ll be ready to paint.  This spot had 6 really really bad patches from the old home owner:

He patched with some sort of gummy crap, and it left a visible mess.  I had to scrape all his patches off completely (in other places around the house too), and patch from scratch.  This left a mess, as the gummy patch compound he used ripped off the surface of the drywall in a few places, but it’s now almost done.

The office walls are now officially more patches than anything else:

Here you can see the patch from taking out the ancient intercom system, as well as an ancient unused electrical box that once had security system wiring in it.  Here’s a view of the home office

The big giant patch at the back was where the old home owner made his (very badly insulated) cutout into the garage for a CRT TV.  It’s now skim coated, sanded and primed.  The office is really dusty from that sanding, so I need to vacuum thoroughly.

I also got the outlet in the master bedroom sanded and primed today:

That’s where the ancient ceiling fan controller (and something else) used to be.  I consolidated that down to one box, and rerouted some of the electrical.  I had to put something there, and we now have a somewhat strange outlet up on the wall, but that actually worked well for a TV plug when we had a TV in the bedroom (we gave it away, but will eventually get a new one).

And finally, the bathroom is ready for the tile guys, with the casing on the window frame now installed.  Tile is going to run up the wall under it (and one the sides a little bit up the wall around the frame) :

It was nice to have an excuse to use my compressor.  It wasn’t a virgin, but was pretty close.

Moving an electrical outlet 4″ up in the bathroom.

August 5, 2018 Home renos 1 comment

We are putting in a freestanding bathtub in our bathroom, and are having the tile run up the wall up to 42″.  Unfortunately the bottom of the countertop electrical outlet was sitting there at about 40″.  When I pointed this out to the tile guy, he suggested that I try to move it, either up or down (but preferably up).

Unfortunately, I’d already done all my drywall repairs on the sink side of the shower (as I’d removed the ugly medicine cabinet), so I really wasn’t looking forward to this task.  It would have been so easy when I had the wall all open!

I vaguely remembered that there was slack in the electrical lines, and that I’d tidied up that wire with an electrical staple when I rebuilt the shower stall, so I thought I’d be able to move it up.  I opened things up, being very careful in my removal of the box to not nick any wires, and found out that there was enough slack available that I could move the box up:

A bit of strapping and I had rough drywall back in place, and a first coat of mud on:

The almost finished (I need a final skim coat to smooth out some rough bits before sanding and priming) product looks pretty good: