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My first “nigerian scammer” email in German

November 13, 2019 Just for fun 2 comments

Is this any more believable auf Deutsch?

Guten Tag,

Es tut mir leid, Sie in dieser Angelegenheit ohne Ihre vorherige Zustimmung zu kontaktieren. Es war wegen der Dringlichkeit der Angelegenheit.

Ich bin Desmond OGEGEREGE, ein Rechtsanwalt, und der persönliche Anwalt von ein verstorbener Kunde aus Ihrem Land. Ich würde gerne wissen, ob wir zusammenarbeiten können in diese Transaktion?

Seit dem Tod meines Mandanten, sein Fonds im Wert Millionen in Dollar, in der Bank meines Landes ruhend gewesen. Die Bank hat mir eine Mitteilung gemacht, um die nächsten Angehörigen für die Forderung der Fonds zu präsentieren, andernfalls werden die Gelder beschlagnahmt.

Der Verstorbene starb bei einem Autounfall mit seiner ganzen Familie. Ich schreibe Ihnen in dieser Angelegenheit, weil Sie den gleichen Familiennamen wie der Verstorbene haben, daher können Sie an die Bank als mein verstorbener Kunde nächsten Angehörigen vorgestellt werden. Mit meiner Unterstützung als der verstorbene persönliche Anwalt, können Sie von der Bank genehmigt werden und das Geld wird Ihnen freigegeben werden.

Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort, wenn Sie interessiert sind und ich werde Ihnen weitere Details senden.

Google translate says this is:

Good day,

I am sorry to contact you in this matter without your prior consent. It was because of the urgency of the matter.

I am Desmond OGEGEREGE, a lawyer, and the personal advocate of a deceased customer from your country. I would like to know if we can work together in this transaction?

Since the death of my client, his fund worth millions in dollars, has been resting in the bank of my country. The bank has sent me a message to present the next of kin for claiming the funds, otherwise the funds will be confiscated.

The deceased died in a car accident with his entire family. I am writing to you on this matter because you have the same surname as the deceased, therefore you can be introduced to the bank as my deceased customer next of kin. With my support as the late personal attorney, you can be approved by the bank and the money will be released to you.

I look forward to your answer, if you are interested and I will send you further details.

The little bit of German that I learned to read Euler’s books at the math library 25 years ago, aren’t enough for me to reply, but let’s see if they also speak english.

What fun or important formulas would you put on a shirt?

June 2, 2018 Just for fun 2 comments ,

Lance got a custom made glow in the dark “math, physics, and chemistry” shirt for his birthday a year or two ago (It was Sofia’s idea, she bought the materials, and I got to play.)

He is clearly unimpressed with the photo op, but I wanted to share this shirt, which includes some of the what I thought were a number of the most interesting or important relationships

  • Gamma function, which generalizes factorial to non-integer values.
    \Gamma(z + 1) = \int_0^\infty t^z e^{-t} dt.
    This formula satisfies \( n! = \Gamma(n + 1) \).

  • Euler’s:
    e^{n i \theta} = \lr{ \cos\theta + i \sin\theta }^n.

  • Schr\”{o}dinger’s equation
    i \, \hbar \PD{t}{} \ket{\psi} = H \ket{\psi}.

  • Taylor series
    f(x) = \sum_{k = 0}^\infty \frac{f^{(k)}(0)}{k!} x^k.

  • Euler-Lagrange equations:
    \PD{x_i}{\LL} = \frac{d}{dt} \PD{\dot{x}_i}{\LL}.
    These formulas can be used to express most dynamics relations. You can think of them as basically being the consequence that physical laws are either inherently greedy or lazy.

  • Stokes’ theorem, in its geoemetric algebra form
    \oint_{\partial V} d^n \Bx \cdot T = \int_V d^n \Bx \cdot \lr{ \spacegrad \cdot T }.

  • Quantum commutator relationships between position and momentum
    \antisymmetric{X}{P} = i \, \hbar.

  • Fourier transform
    \tilde{f}(\omega) = \int_{-\infty}^\infty f(t) e^{-i \omega t} dt.

  • Vector product
    \Ba \Bb = \Ba \cdot \Bb + \Ba \wedge \Bb.
    In geometric algebra the vector product has a dot and wedge product split. In \R{3} you can write this as
    \( \Ba \Bb = \Ba \cdot \Bb + I (\Ba \cross \Bb) \), where \( I = \Be_1 \Be_2 \Be_3 \).

  • Relativisitic energy (Einstein’s)
    E = \frac{m c^2}{\sqrt{1 – (\Bv/c)^2}}.

  • Cauchy contour integral relationships for the nth derivative
    f^{(n)}(s) = \frac{n!}{2 \pi i} \int_C dz \frac{f(z)}{(z-s)^{n+1}}

  • Maxwell’s equations
    \partial_\mu F^{\mu\nu} &= J^\nu \\
    \epsilon^{\mu \nu \rho \sigma} \partial_\nu F_{\rho \sigma} &= 0.
    I’m partial to the geometric algebra form of Maxwell’s equations \( \grad F = J \), but that wouldn’t have looked as good on the shirt.

  • Dirac equation
    0 = \lr{ i \gamma^\mu \partial_\mu – m } \psi.

If you had to pick a set of important formulas on a tee-shirt, which ones would you pick?

Make a difference, sponsor a warlord — CIA advertisement

November 10, 2014 Just for fun No comments , , , , ,

The Toike Oike, UofT’s engineering newspaper, has reached majestic heights of spoof advertisement in the November issue, with the following advert placed by the CIA

make a difference sponser a warlord, CIA advertisment

The sad thing is that there is so much truth embedded in this bit of parody.

I congratulate the author for most excellent work. Very nice work! Oh, and finding the smiling guy in fatigues with his gun toting buddies in the background was a real nice compositional touch.

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