Clifford Algebra

Applied vanity press

April 9, 2018 math and physics play No comments , , , ,

Amazon’s createspace turns out to be a very cost effective way to get a personal color copy of large pdf (>250 pages) to markup for review. The only hassle was having to use their app to create cover art (although that took less time than commuting downtown to one of the cheap copy shops near the university.)

As a side effect, after I edit it, I’d have something I could actually list for sale.  Worldwide, I’d guess at least three people would buy it, that is, if they weren’t happy with the pdf version already available.

Geometric algebra notes collection split into two volumes

November 10, 2015 math and physics play No comments , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

I’ve now split my (way too big) Exploring physics with Geometric Algebra into two volumes:

Each of these is now a much more manageable size, which should facilitate removing the redundancies in these notes, and making them more properly book like.

Also note I’ve also previously moved “Exploring Geometric Algebra” content related to:

  • Lagrangian’s
  • Hamiltonian’s
  • Noether’s theorem

into my classical mechanics collection (449 pages).