I’ve added a few new pages in the linear systems solution portion of my book, Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers.  This now includes the best fit content that was covered in my recent video and blog post on approximate solutions to linear systems.

The geometry that is associated with a Moore-Penrose or SVD-based pseudoinverse is not terribly obvious, and this result, providing the same answer, uses geometry exclusively.  I’ve included it in my book, since it’s a cool application, and not conceptually much trickier than the exact system solution.  This makes this section slightly more formal, as it now including an up front statement as a theorem — but that’s where formality ends, as I don’t formally prove the theorem.  I do, however, provide lots of examples and problems (with solutions), sufficient for the industrious to craft their own proof if desired.

The updated version of the book should be available on all amazon marketplaces within the next 3-5 days.  The free PDF version (and leanpub edition), both linked above, are already updated.