Bookish collections of physics and math writing

On this blog (or my old blog) are many article sized bits of writing that were eventually incorporated into “bookish” compilations (a total of about 6400 pages of pdfs):

Some of these courses were undergrad physics courses taken part time in 2010-2013 as a non-degree student at the University of Toronto, and others were taken as part of a part time UofT M.Eng degree program taken throughout 2014-2018.

See physicsplay-git for the latex sources of all these notes.

Redacted course notes.

The following course notes have problem set solutions, project related content if applicable, and links to some associated computer algebra notebooks (Matlab, Mathematica, Julia, …) all redacted.  For each of the courses below problem set solutions are replaced by CIA-style blackout marks;)

Feel free to contact me for the complete version (i.e. including my problem set solutions) of any of these notes, provided you are not asking because you are taking or planning to take this course.

On Geometric Algebra

My ‘exploring physics with geometric algebra’ “books” are really notes aggregates, terribly full of redundancies and not recommended.  I did much better with my Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers book, but if you are looking for some really good standalone geometric algebra books, I’d recommend:

Blurbs on atomics, memory ordering and barriers

Just for fun (mostly from my old blog)

Stuff from my old blog

Other misc bits of writing that I liked (at least when I wrote them) :

Archives of posted pdfs by year

I stopped tracking writing by year after 2015, as it was probably only interesting to me.  These are mostly blog sized articles, but also includes the bookish compilations above: