Please don’t look at this page.  You probably want to look at my Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineering page instead.

If you do look, consider yourself warned…

Eons ago, I wrote a ton of exploratory physics blog posts, usually covering some a new area of physics that I was unfamiliar with, also seeing how I could apply geometric algebra, which I was also just learning, to the subject at hand.  All of this was written for myself, given what I knew at the time, and is probably of no good to anybody else.

I ended up assembling all of that into a giant horrible mess of a notes compilation, filled with errors and redundancy.  I eventually split it into two smaller horrible notes compilations, with anything Lagrangian or Hamiltonian related split out into my classical mechanics notes (which are also horrible.)  Should you wish to torture yourself, you can find these Exploring Physics with GA notes compilations here:

  • Exploring physics with Geometric Algebra, Book I.  This part of my Geometric Algebra collection includes introductory Geometric Algebra content with the following topics:
    • Basics and Geometry
    • Projection
    • Rotation
    • Calculus
    • General Physics
  • Exploring physics with Geometric Algebra, Book II.  This second part of my Geometric Algebra collection includes touches topics that requires more advanced physics:
    • Relativity
    • Electrodynamics
    • Lorentz Force
    • Electrodynamics Stress Energy
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Fourier treatments