FIXME: these instructions are old.  I’ve moved things to more granular repositories.

Sources for any of the latex based pdf files that can be found on this site (or the blog posts based on the same sources) are managed with git and are available from my github respository.  See README.txt for some directories of possible interest in the repository.

The repository can be browsed directly from github.  For example the notes/phy454/ directory can be found in that directory directly on github.  Alternatively, the entire repository can be grabbed with a git clone command like:

git clone [email protected]:peeterjoot/physicsplay.git ~/physicsplay  # or directory of choice
cd ~/physicsplay
for i in getopt mathematica figures matlab julia ; do
git submodule update –init $i
(cd $i && git checkout master)

from a unix (or Windows cygwin) command line.  After doing that you’d find the sources for (say) phy454.pdf (Continuum Mechanics), in ~/physicsplay/notes/

To Build

After cloning, building from the latex sources requires pdflatex, makeindex, and other latex tools to be in your $PATH.  Then, assuming your clone location is ~/physicsplay/ run:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/physicsplay/bin
cd ~/physicsplay

Alternately, you can build just a single pdf document, such as

cd ~/physicsplay/notes/gabook/

MikTex Notes:

Building these sources with MikTex 2.9.4521, provided it is updated first:

Start -> All Programs -> MikTex -> Maintainance (Admin) -> Update (Admin)

appears to now work out of the box.  With some previous versions, manual update was required to select the expl3 package that required implicitly by the breqn package that I’m using.

At one point I also had to muck with fonts, getting font errors otherwise.  I’ve got a note about that somewhere, and can dig it up and detail it here if required.

I did find on one machine that some additional packages were required (not auto-detected by MikTex 2.9)

 document  latex package required  MikTex Package to install
 phy456  easybmat.sty  easy
 phy456  txfonts.sty  txfonts (may have failed the install because I had the package manager opened for easybmat above ; or because I’ve started hitting errors: failed to start package manager from MikTex ).
 tikz  pgf, ms
 phy487  mhchem


Texlive (ubuntu 12.04) notes




as follows

sudo /usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/i386-linux/tlmgr $*


I had to install the following additional packages, using a native texlive installation (since I didn’t choose all packages by default).  You may need more if more restrictive than I was in your initial texlive install.


texlive.installer install mparhack

texlive.installer install acronym

#texlive.installer install suffix

#texlive.installer –gui

#texlive.installer search –global –file suffix.sty

texlive.installer install bigfoot

texlive.installer install xstring

texlive.installer install relsize

#texlive.installer search –global –file beramono.sty

texlive.installer install bera

texlive.installer install titlesec

texlive.installer install tocloft

texlive.installer install cancel

texlive.installer install ccicons

texlive.installer install exercise

texlive.installer install cleveref

texlive.installer install fixme

# texlive.installer search –global –file easybmat.sty

texlive.installer install easy

texlive.installer install etoolbox

texlive.installer install epstopdf epstopdf.x86_64-linux

cd /usr/local/bin && ln -s /usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux/epstopdf


texlive.installer install emulateapj