The course

This page describes my notes for the winter 2013 session of the University of Toronto Basic Statistical Mechanics course (PHY452H1S), taught by Prof. Arun Paramekanti, which I took as a non-degree student.

The official course description at the time was:

Classical and quantum statistical mechanics of noninteracting systems; the statistical basis of thermodynamics; ensembles, partition function; thermodynamic equilibrium; stability and fluctuations; formulation of quantum statistics; theory of simple gases; ideal Bose and Fermi systems.

Mathematica notebooks associated with the class are also available.

The notes.

My notes (393 pages, 6×9″) for this class are available in a few forms:

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  • Copyright
  • Document Version
  • Dedication
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • List of Figures
  • 1 What is statistical mechanics and equilibrium
  • 1.1 Equilibrium
  • 1.2 Probabilities
  • 2 Probability
  • 2.1 Probability
  • 2.2 Central limit theorem
  • 2.3 Binomial distribution
  • 2.4 Stirling formula
  • 2.5 Stirling log approximation
  • 2.6 Problems
  • 3 Random walk, diffusion, and Maxwell distribution
  • 3.1 Spatial Random walk
  • 3.2 Continuity equation and Ficks law
  • 3.3 Random walk in velocity space
  • 3.4 Review: Lead up to Maxwell distribution for gases
  • 3.5 What went wrong?
  • 3.6 Equilibrium steady states
  • 3.7 Problems
  • 4 Phase space
  • 4.1 Phase space
  • 4.2 Motion in phase space
  • 4.3 Liouville’s theorem
  • 4.4 Time averages, and Poincar\351 recurrence theorem
  • 4.5 Liouville’s theorem questions on density and current
  • 4.6 Liouville’s theorem
  • 4.7 Ideal gas and SHO phase space volume calculations
  • 4.8 Entropy
  • 4.9 Gibbs paradox
  • 4.10 Hypersphere volume calculation the easy way
  • 4.11 Problems
  • 5 Thermodynamics
  • 5.1 First law of thermodynamics
  • 5.2 Adiabatic and other processes
  • 5.3 First law
  • 5.4 Examples of work
  • 5.5 Heat
  • 5.6 Adiabatic processes
  • 5.7 Reversible processes
  • 5.8 Equilibrium
  • 5.9 Cyclic state variable verses non-state variables
  • 5.10 Irreversible and reversible processes
  • 5.11 Problems
  • 6 Statistical and thermodynamic connection
  • 6.1 Connections between statistical and thermodynamic views
  • 6.2 Ideal gas
  • 6.3 Non-ideal gas. General classical system
  • 6.4 Canonical ensemble
  • 6.5 Canonical partition and Helmholtz free energy
  • 6.6 Quantum mechanical picture
  • 6.7 Interacting spin
  • 6.8 Problems
  • 7 Grand canonical ensemble
  • 7.1 Grand partition function
  • 7.2 Fermions and Bosons
  • 7.3 Fermi gas thermodynamics
  • 7.4 Bosons
  • 7.5 Phonon modes
  • 7.6 Problems
  • Appendixes
  • A Pondering a question on conditional probability
  • B Outline of midterm I solutions
  • C Phase space trajectories for 1D SHO
  • D Thermodynamic identities
  • E Addition of two one half spins
  • F Langevin small approximation
  • G Relativisitic generalization of statistical mechanics
  • H Relativisitic density of states
  • I Velocity volume element to momentum volume element
  • J Unresolved question on energy distribution around mean energy
  • K Non integral binomial coefficient
  • L Fermi function expansion for thermodynamic quantities
  • M Bernoulli polynomials and numbers and Euler-MacLauren summation
  • N Summary of relations and helpful formulas (cheat sheet fodder)
  • O Mathematica notebooks
  • Bibliography



  • spelling: s/statististical/statistical/
  • gutter fixes (dmath purge fallout.)


  • spellcheck rules, and spell check.
  • prune blank lines surrounding \paragraph
  • purge dmath
  • updated some figures (Mathematica Thick,Black attributes.)  Some hand drawn figures replaced.

phy452.V0.1.13.pdf, Sept 10, 2020 (commit 309bc76da70f3dd7aa38ee343f5f40750f516da0)

  • Dup word check and url fixes.

phy452.V0.1.12.pdf, Wed Aug 5, 2020 (commit 7bbcdf66b26e950fa01ae6cbae86f987bc2c8d49)

  • Fix hyphens in listing, typos in bio.
  • Remove appendix part so that the index and bib aren’t grouped with the appendix.
  • Tweak the preface and backcover
  • Group intro probability text together, and expand on probability distribution definition.
  • Remove singlton part heading so that chapters are the highest level.
  • Fix pdfbookmarks for contents and list of figures (so that they don’t show up under the preface)
  • Streamline FrontBack specialization.

phy452.V0.1.11.pdf, Sun Mar 3, 2019 (commit 5120e0354cfd1ef0303623644c252437556a730f)

  • Fix latex errors that caused NO page numbers!

phy452.V0.1.10.pdf, Thu Feb 28, 2019 (commit fcd648f1724ce1488f134f60c32f0eb3a772377f)

  • Re-export mathematica based figures as .pdf instead of .png
  • Add commas and periods into equation,dmath contexts.
  • remove blank lines between text and equation/dmath that are connected.
  • switch to 6×9 format for kindle direct publishing and reformat various equations that overflowed page boundaries.
  • use tcolorbox for tables
  • suppress page numbers for list of figures, table of contents, and first page in chapters.This is a hack to deal with my hacking of classicthesis.sty, as it wants to put some of those page
    numbers in an unprintable region that kdp doesn’t like (and won’t ignore.)
  • replace crude battery/resistor diagram with an svg based figure (with transparency)
  • shrink various figures.
  • periods on chapter, section, and figure captions.
  • move versioning to separate file: make.revision

phy452.V0.1.9.pdf, Wed Feb 13, 2019 (commit b4d935717084383fcd73e9dead3a65753c4dee84)