Month: May 2022

Almost an academic author: Appendix B: Representation of Dyadics via Geometric Algebra

May 29, 2022 math and physics play , , ,

I corresponded for a bit with the author of a paper on variations and inconsistencies with dyadic notation that is used in some fluid flow and other problems.  In the end I ended up contributing an appendix (Appendix B: Representation of Dyadics via Geometric Algebra) to their paper, which has been submitted to an academic journal (I forget which one.)

I’ve written thousands of pages of independent musings as blog posts, and even a book (self published, and also available for free in pdf form), but this is the first time anything that I’ve written has ended up in an academic journal.

You can find a preprint here on arxiv

New revision of my book: Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers

May 16, 2022 Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers

A new version of my book is now available in free pdf form, in paperback and hardcover on amazon, on leanpub, and for the brave or crazy — as latex source files and a makefile.  All of these can be found here:

Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers.


Changes in this V0.1.16-13 (May 15, 2022) version, include:

  • Fix equations 2.81 2.82 — error found by Christopher
  • test drove build instructions (slight fix required.)
  • restore latexsym \Box as dAlembertian
  • gutter fixes.
  • perl -p -i -e ‘s/ *$//’ `cat spellcheckem.txt `
  • (massive change with no visible effects if done right): purge most dmath usage. MacTex upgrade has made these seemingly malfunction, and lines are getting split in all sorts of weird places.