A new version of my book is now available in free pdf form, in paperback and hardcover on amazon, on leanpub, and for the brave or crazy — as latex source files and a makefile.  All of these can be found here:

Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers.


Changes in this V0.1.16-13 (May 15, 2022) version, include:

  • Fix equations 2.81 2.82 — error found by Christopher
  • test drove build instructions (slight fix required.)
  • restore latexsym \Box as dAlembertian
  • gutter fixes.
  • perl -p -i -e ‘s/ *$//’ `cat spellcheckem.txt `
  • (massive change with no visible effects if done right): purge most dmath usage. MacTex upgrade has made these seemingly malfunction, and lines are getting split in all sorts of weird places.