Month: May 2021

100 pushups a day challenge with my brother

May 12, 2021 Incoherent ramblings , ,

My brother and I have started a 100 push-ups a day challenge, with the goal of at least 100 each day for at least 100 days.  This is our second attempt, as the first attempt fizzled after a week or so (that first start was very painful, and this reboot has been much easier.)

We are now a few days in to this second start, and I’ve managed my part of the challenge, but my brother who doesn’t have a lazy sit-on-his-ass job like I do hasn’t met target a couple of those days:

It’s been at least 20 years that he has been far stronger than me, but those ancient memories of being bested in wrestling and arm-wrestling must still be strong in Erik’s memory!

Second order surface tension

May 9, 2021 Incoherent ramblings , , ,

Here’s a bubble of bubbles, kept from overflowing the edge of the cup like a plain old bubble.

Nice day for a bike ride today

May 8, 2021 Incoherent ramblings ,

I’m not sure how long it took me, but only one person passed me, despite all my fat.  It was a gorgeous day, and nice to get out on the awesome bike that Sofia made me buy for myself.