My notes for ece1228 (Electromagnetic Theory) are now available in book form on Amazon.

This version omits all assigned problem solutions (but includes some self-generated problem solutions.)  As such, it is very short.  I published it so that I could get a copy (of the non-redacted version) for myself , but in the unlikely chance that somebody else is interested I’ve left the redacted version in published state (available very cheaply.)  Feel free to contact me for the full (pdf) version if you are not taking the course (and don’t intend to.)

The official course description at the time was:

Fundamentals: Maxwell’s equations, constitutive relations and boundary conditions, wave polarization. Field representations: potentials, Green’s functions and integral equations. Theorems and concepts: duality, uniqueness, images, equivalence, reciprocity and Babinet’s principles. Plane, cylindrical and spherical waves and waveguides. radiation and scattering.

New material (for me) in this course was limited to:

  • dispersion relations.
  • Druid-Lorentz model
  • quadropole moments
  • magnetic moments, magnetostatic force, and torque (mentioned in class without details, but studied from Jackson)
  • matrix representation of transmission and reflection through multiple interfaces