I’ve got a nice little job site table saw, but my “workshop” is an 8×10 shed (approximately), and space is at a premium, so I don’t have space for a lot of bigger wood working tools.  I saw a number of YouTube videos showing various router table extensions for their table saws, and I’ve started building one for myself.  I’d like to avoid such a modification that drills into the saw frame itself, as some of them did, and want to be able to use my table saw sliding fence as the router table fence too.

Here’s my progress so far

My router came with two bases, one plunge base that can be used as a fixed base or in plunge mode, and one fixed base.  I unscrewed the circular plate, and replaced it with a small rectangular piece of plexiglass, embedded in the board that I used for the table extension.  One YouTuber that did a project like this, said that he just used his thickness planer to get the height of that table extension right.  Well I don’t have a thickness planer (nor do I have a space for one), so I routed the very edge of my extension slightly, to remove a bit of the thickness.  There’s a lot of weird cuts on my little extension, but it fits nicely.

I have a couple clamps that I should be able to use to make a router table guide that I can attach to my table saw fence, so that I can use it as my router fence without any destructive modifications.  When I’m done, I’ll post my own little YouTube video of my creation.  I didn’t try to record the creation process, which included way too much trial and error, but I’ll show it in action if it all works out.