I receive emailed math and physics questions fairly frequently, often about my “Geometric Algebra for Electrical Engineers” book.  Email is a very unsatisfactory way to correspond for mathematics centric material, as you cannot format content easily using LaTeX.

To ease that pain, I have created a discord server, “Peeter Joot’s math and physics play” that I hope to use instead of email going forward.  I have the TexIt bot installed on my discord server, so with relatively little effort anybody that uses that server for Q&A will be able to supply questions that are formatted nicely in LaTeX.  And if nothing else, my side of any such discussions can be formatted nicely in a readable fashion.

I know that the primary user base for discord are video gamers, but I don’t have an issue with rebranding discord as “the math chat app” for my own purposes.  I’m not the originator of this idea — I am flagrantly stealing the idea from Enki’s bivector discord, a great community, but more general than I expect mine to be.  I don’t think we can loose with lots of math chat apps available.