I just printed a copy of my ancient notes compilations for geometric algebra and physics, a compilation of old blog posts, using kindle direct publishing.

Amazon author copies don’t seem to be available in Canada anymore, so I had to buy a regular copy (printed in Bolton, Ontario, Canada!), but did so my setting the price as low as possible on amazon.ca (about $20 CAD each).  That means that I got bound and printed books, with 469+503 pages, in 8.5×11″ format for about $40 (buying an author copy from the US amazon.com would have cost more after shipping and currency conversion.)  I don’t think that I could have gotten bound print copies that cheap at one of the St George copy houses that service the university.

Now that I have my copies, I’ll un-publish these from amazon, so that nobody buys them by mistake.  I just wanted a copy of each as a reference for myself (as I do refer to parts of them sometimes — like the Pauli matrix/GA-equivalents writeup.)

This leaves me with 9 active titles on amazon (one is my book, and the rest are all course notes.)