This product is basically complete crap.  It appears to be made of non-heat resistant plastic, and will crack.

photo 1

In the picture above, the cup is empty, but because of the cracks, coffee cream and sugar has crept into the interior, and is now a very suspicious looking soup of some sort of possibly virulent bacterial soup that can probably leak back out into my coffee if I was to continue using it.

I have had two of these Bodum traveller coffee presses.  The first I bought and it cracked first along the seam above the threads, so that the inside separated from the outside.  I crazy glued it back together, but it then proceeded to get spiderweb like cracks along the base, like so:

photo 2

The second such mug I had was bought for me, since my other one had died.  I’d not have bought a replacement myself, and would recommend to anybody else to stay away from this product entirely.  This second cup never separated at the top, but also cracked along the base and up the sides like the original.

Note that Hudson’s Bay, where both of these products were purchased, no longer carries Bodum products.  Perhaps that was due to poor reviews?