I dropped off Karl’s lunch on the way to work (we didn’t have anything he would eat, so I made him something when we got back).

The school is more and more like a jail. In addition to the asinine security system, the secretary today wouldn’t even let me into the school office to drop off Karl’s lunch. She came to the door to get it, instead of letting me in for a few seconds.

I view the security system at the school as pandering to idiotic media fear porn. Implemented board wide, I’m sure that some security company is making bucket loads of cash at our expense.

Perhaps they wouldn’t let me into the school because I didn’t play their Oh Canada conformity training game, and have been open stating that their multiplication teaching methods are stupid. I’m definitely a bad influence. The new-math “four ways of multiplying” are great for making Karl (and other kids) confused, but are excellent ways of ensuring that we’ll have another generation of kids that have to use a calculator to do basic math, and will shortly live in a third world country with respect to the sciences.