Hello Mrs Jiang,

I’m interested in your position on two topics that probably rule out my vote for the liberal party.  Before the vote, I am giving you a chance to defend or justify your stance on these policies.

The first is the party whip.  This is, in my opinion, a destroyer of democracy, and effectively ensures that local constituents have no possibility of representation.  A meaningless vote every four years is made further meaningless by requiring that “representatives” vote the party-line.  Even school children realize the absurdity of such a policy, but such absurdity appears to be not only tolerated but desired by Canadian politicians.

The second is the Liberal vote for bill C-51 required by the party leadership.  I’ve appended correspondence that shows my position on this bill to the incumbent “representative” for Markham-Unionville.  His reply was voting for the bill, which did not surprise me.

Peeter Joot

please note that I make a copy of all political correspondence (or lack thereof) available online.
Appended copy of my “take a firm stand” letter to John McCallum, incumbent Markham-Unionville “representitive”.