YouTube’s rampant censorship over the last two years (and even before that), has been increasingly hard to stomach.

In light of that, I am going to transition to odysee as my primary video sharing platform.  I’ll probably post backup copies on YouTube too, but will treat that platform as a secondary mirror (despite the fact that subscribers and viewers will probably find stuff there first.)

In the grand scheme of things, my viewership is infinitesimal and will surely stay that way, and I don’t monetize anything anyways, so this switch has zero impact to me, and is more of a conceptual switch than anything else.  Since, I’m talking about math and physics, which I can’t imagine that YouTube should would ever find a reason to censor, but we should all start treating it as a compromised platform, and breaking any dependencies that we have on it.

As a first step towards this transition, I’ve uploaded all my geometric algebra videos to odysee.  I’ve also uploaded my Green’s function videos (so far all related to the damped forced harmonic oscillator), but haven’t put those in a playlist yet, but it will be here when I do.

I have a couple cool Manim based geometric algebra videos that I have been working on for a while.  I’ll post those soon too.