New version of the book is now published (online PDF and leanpub versions updated, with amazon updates in the approval pipeline)

  • V0.1.19-2 (Sep 2, 2023)
    • Reworked many of the Mathematica generated figures.  Now using the MaTeX[] extension to do the figure labelling (that was only done in a couple figures before this), as it looks much better, and is consistent with the fonts in the text.

      Each of these are individually very small changes, barely noticeable, but I think it makes a nice difference to overall quality.

      In many cases, I’ve generated new separate figures for the amazon paper editions of the book, using straight black instead of colors, so they don’t look as washed out, after conversion to black and white.

Here’s an example where just the captioning was changed:

The font is now whatever LaTeX uses for \\mathbf{n}, so it matches the text.

I think that the new Mathematica version (13.2) that I am using, also happens to render this 3D figure a bit nicer.

Here’s a comparison of one of the figures that now has a black and white specialization (old, new-color, new-bw):

In this particular case, I chose not to color the labels like I did previously, but I have retained that label color matching in some places.

Like I said, it’s a small difference, but the latex labelling just look better, period.  Notice that the numeric values at the tick marks on the border of the figure are not using a matching font (those are directly generated by Mathematica).  I’ll have to figure out how to make those use MaTeX too, and audit all the figures for that, but that’s a game for another day.