More satisfying editing of classical mechanics notes.

November 3, 2020 math and physics play , , , , ,

I’ve purged about 30 pages of material related to field Lagrangian densities and Maxwell’s equation, replacing it with about 8 pages of new less incoherent material.

As before, I’ve physically ripped out all the pages that have been replaced, which is satisfying, and makes it easier to see what is left to review.

The new version is now reduced to 333 pages, close to a 100 page reduction from the original mess.  I may print myself a new physical copy, as I’ve moved things around so much that I have to search the latex to figure out where to make changes.

Editing a book by tearing out pages!

October 25, 2020 Uncategorized ,

I’ve been editing my classical mechanics notes compilation, which doesn’t yet justify being called a book.  Here’s the editing process in action:

I’ve purged about 120 pages, and wrote 16 new pages (covariant Lagrangian and Lorentz force material) to replace portions of some of the gutted material.  The stack beside the book is about 3/8″ thick of ripped out pages.  I ripped them out so that I could see the remainder more easily.

There’s still a lot to purge and rewrite, but I’m now down to a more manageable 347 pages, which is a good start.  Next up will be the material related to Lagrangian densities for field equations (wave equations, Maxwell’s equation, …)