Here’s a very illuminating poll from the Toronto Sun, as seen in a recent article:

The bias for war in the media is so blatant in a poll like this.  It’s a question a lot like “Do you regret beating your wife?”  If you answer Yes, then you admit to beating your wife but wish you hadn’t, and if you answer No, then you don’t regret having beaten her, but also admit to it.  Here we are asked to choose whether covert warfare with Russia is enough, or whether we really need overt warfare.  Observe that there is no option like:

o          Hey, wait a sec.  Last time these war drums were being beaten for war in Ukraine, the USA was caught financing a coupe to the tune of 5 billion dollars, some of which went to literal NeoNazis.  We also saw both protestors and police in a crowd shot by snipers to foment violence and confusion.  Maybe there’s something more to this story (perhaps that new Russian/German oil pipeline?) that not widely reported on, and for which real reporting will be conspicuously absent from the trash-media.