Letter to parliament (John McCallum), thank you for your positive Bill C-51 vote.

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The Honourable John McCallum,

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario


K1A 0A6


The Honourable John McCallum,


I see at that you voted for bill C-51.  I asked for this in my letter dated April 15, 2015.  However, I thought I should now point out that my original letter was intended to be satire.

Satire has been used historically for political commentary.  This was true for example of Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “1984”.  Given your vote on bill C-51, it seems clear that the intent of the book “1984” was not clear.  This book was supposed to point out many dangerous trends in society of the time.  It was not supposed to be a manual.

I do not know if your vote for C-51 was due to a belief that this was what your constituents wanted this.  Perhaps you were looking at biased or old polls that indicated this was true?  There would have been a time when the media hype for the parliamentary shootings would have gotten just this sort of reactionary support.  However, once people started behaving rationally again, support for increased police state actions against Canadian citizens should have been a hard sell.

Perhaps you voted for this because you felt obligated to?  Your political party requires consensus views and actions.  For reasons that I’ll never understand, the current figurehead of your political party mandated that you would not be able to vote your own view, let alone the views of your constituents.  I really can’t imagine how you can tolerate being part of such a system.  Did you realize that once elected you would be powerless, and not be given the opportunity to vote for your own views?

How a system where party consensus is required can be called democracy is beyond my understanding.  Perhaps this is because I have a 12-year old mentality.  When I took civics for the first time back in junior school, this concept was just as insane.  Perhaps I am the childish insane one to think that the forces that truly govern behind the curtain would allow things to be any other way.

You as a member of parliament, and I as a citizen of Canada, both know how much of a farce democracy in Canada is.  Once every few years the “people” get to exercise their “free will” electing a representative.  Even if our chosen representative is elected, as many as 49% percent (assuming the ideal of all voting) will be unrepresented.  Those who do get their selection of “representative” are probably compromising on a number of issues, and are really crossing their fingers hoping not to be screwed by the power elite.  Even assuming our representative makes it into their figurehead position, you have no more power to actually represent us than a stick floating upstream.  You have to fight the entrenched bureaucracy of the Federal government, surely an unmovable force.  For that I give you my deepest condolences.

It is my expectation that this positive C-51 vote is going to backfire strongly on both the Conservative and Liberal parties.  Canadians have been shown by the actions of both that they are indistinguishable.  For those that still believe in the concept of modern democracy, you will likely find that this will increase voter apathy.  This bill is just more of the same old crap.  The government is once again voting to give themselves more power.  If that is why you voted for this I guess it makes sense.  It’s sad and demoralizing, but it makes sense.  In essence a positive vote is like a positive vote for a pay raise for government.  Unfortunately, we all have to pay for that raise.  We all have to pay for our own enslavement.  This will probably mean that an NDP Federal figurehead will lead the next round of the show come election times.  I don’t personally believe that it will make any difference.  It may make a difference to you, since you might be forced to get a different job.

Presuming that you did read this or my previous correspondence, I doubt there is anything that you can say that will fight off the feelings of complete betrayal.  I doubt there is anything that you can write that would inspire non-existent believe in Canadian democracy.  I write this as if you will actually read what I say.  I don’t know if that is the case.  Perhaps I am corresponding again with Mr. Nicholson from your office?

Even if you do read this, and even if you do respond, I doubt there is any sort of justification that you can make that I will judge to be in good faith and to be well reasoned.  This is why people don’t want to know what our “leadership” is doing in our names, and do not want to be involved in the Canadian system of government.  It is too depressing to know come face to face with just how pointless and hopeless it is.  Thanks to your vote on bill C-51, perhaps I’ll go back to ignoring what I can’t change, and let myself and my kids become ever more enslaved.






Peeter Joot

Ontario elections are done. Did you choose your oppressor?

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How is it that this election farce is viewed as “Civic Duty”?  How is it that “Democracy” and our bloated cancerous Government is viewed with almost religious overtones?  How is it that a once every four years pick between two or three identical oppressors is perceived as representation?

In Canada, we have what is effectively a three party system, the PC, the Liberals, and the NDP parties.  All of these want to continue the status quo, and steal your money at gunpoint.  If you object to having your money stolen, then you can go to jail, or have your wages stolen at the source, or have your property taken.  It would be somewhat amusing to itemize all the ways that government steals from me, but actually thinking through the details of that is a very depressing road to walk.

The PC party portrays themselves as pushing for limited government, and will bandy about terms like privatization to support that claim.  However, this is privatization as implemented in the USA, where it means that they will continue to steal from you, but will give your money to their friends.  They do occasionally promise less taxes, but I’d be surprised to see numbers that demonstrated this ever occurred while they were in power.  If they did ever manage to reduce taxes, was there a corresponding increase in debt spending?

The NDP doesn’t hide it’s goals.  More government, less freedom, more taxes, less personal choice.  They know better how to use your resources than you ever can.  It’s basically a weakened communist party, with socialist ideals that have been shown to fail again and again and again.  Reward the unproductive, feeding the welfare system that feeds on itself.  Impose central planning, making decisions on how to spend the money they steal from you, from their ivory tower positions of power.

The Liberal party is the middle ground between the two, positioned to deceive people into thinking that they have a choice between the two radical extremes.

My partner is very happy (perhaps overjoyed?) that the Liberal party has won the election (in our riding as well as provincially).  It is surprising to me to observe enthusiasm over results that I consider meaningless.  I don’t want the government ruling over me, no matter who the puppet figurehead is.  I don’t want my money stolen to pay the debt on past and continuing warfare.  I don’t want my money stolen from me to support a welfare system that hurts the people it claims to support, while ensuring that they can never break their dependency.  I don’t want to support an insane health care system that is in the pockets of the big pharma companies, and introduces idiotic government policies that doctors have to comply with at every step.  To get my daughter’s skin condition looked at, we have to first see a GP, so that he can get paid to refer us to a skin doctor.  It makes sense to the GP because he gets paid for it.  No doctor or public service worker will object to big government, since they have a vested interest in big government, because that is where their pay check comes from.

It necessary to consider this pay check bias, to make sense of any enthusiasm for the liberal party election win.  She works for the university, an institution that receives their funding from monies stolen from me, from you, and even from her.  Nobody is likely to vote for loosing their job, and perceived the PC party as a potential threat to job security.  The government provides the universities with an educational cartel, setting both the regulations that allows them to rubber stamp useless degrees, as well as the funding they require to operate.  Calling most university degrees useless is not a bias against that poor sucker that comes out of school with debt in exchange for the double major in politics and art history, and minor in psychology.  I also consider my own undergrad engineering degree largely useless.  Almost everything that I learned for my job I learned on the job, and suspect that is the case for the bulk of people that do work their way through university.  If the government wasn’t propping up these bumbling institutions with the money they take from us, I am sure that more targeted and effective job centric learning institutions would have an incentive to establish themselves.

People vote for the “free” stuff that governments claim to give out, but the argument is a weak one.  Vote for us and you can have one unit of “free” stuff.  Sure, but they’ll take 1.2 units of stuff from you, but do so in a way that makes it seem like they are taking 0.7 units from you and 0.5 units from somebody else.  Free things from the government are like the “free” in popular commercial marketing, only free if you also buy two of equal or greater cost.  If you think that the free stuff promised by some specific political party happens to help your specific financial situation, you will still lose when all is said and done.  Government and bureaucracy will always continue to grow, manufacturing its own demand for itself.

I don’t believe that any elected government, especially with the party system that forbids individual choice, can ever be representative.  Democracy embodies the insanity of decision by committee.  How many times have you ever observed a meeting with more than ten people come to any sort of reasonable consensus, or even make progress?  How can we fool ourselves into thinking that this will work when scaled to hundreds of people.  How can we fool ourselves into thinking that this works when so many politicians are bought and paid for, and will work for their buddies and their financiers.

No person that I would ever vote for will win a seat, and even if they did there’s no way that they could fight the institutional inertia of government once in place.  I’ve voted before for the Green party as a statement of “none of the above.”   This time I noticed that there was a Libertarian running in my current riding, and ended up voting for him.  I had very mixed feelings about voting at all, since not voting expresses dissatisfaction with the system in a way that is perhaps stronger than voting anti-strategically.   While the Libertarian party is in many ways consistent with my anarchist views, they will never get elected.  Too many people are busily sucking on the public sector tit, and a fundamental shift in attitudes would be required to get enough buy in for any Libertarian to ever win an election.  This vote was therefore yet another vote for “none of the above”, one made knowing full well that it was completely pointless.

I don’t get any more representation having done my civic duty than anybody else. </rant>