I’ve now posted redacted notes for the Electromagnetic Theory (ECE1228H) course I took last fall, taught by Prof. M. Mojahedi.  This course covered a subset of the following:

  • Maxwell’s equations
  • constitutive relations and boundary conditions
  • wave polarization.
  • Field representations: potentials
  • Green’s functions and integral equations.
  • Theorems and concepts: duality, uniqueness, images, equivalence, reciprocity and Babinet’s principles.
  • Plane cylindrical and spherical waves and waveguides.
  • radiation and scattering.

These notes are fairly compact, only 183 pages, with the full version weighing in at 256 pages.

As always, feel free to contact me for the complete version (i.e. including my problem set solutions) if you interested, but not asking because you are taking or planning to take this course.