TPP sales pitch from Bob Saroya, my “representative” in parliament.

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My “representative” member of parliament, Bob Saroya, is busy wasting my money my sending out TPP sales propaganda, apparently believing that I’m stupid enough to fall for this bit of fear mongering.


My response was:

I received your TPP sales pitch.  I’m not surprised to see a member of parliament attempting to sell Canada to unaccountable corporate tribunals, using a misleading attempt to disguise this as a “free trade”.

This is of course the function of government “representation”, to take resources from people who actually work for them, and channel them into the hands of power elite.  Your letter demonstrates that you are serving this purpose admirably!
Of course there’s a chance that you are just spouting the party line without actually believing or understanding what you are writing.  Even if that is the case, it is disappointing and frustrating to see taxpayer resources wasted on such empty propaganda.

Did “Canada” stop bringing peace to Syria by bombing them?

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March 10, 2016

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

My wife got caught up in the “hope and change” type propaganda associated with your campaign, but I was more cynical. I was, however, pleasantly surprised when you announced that Canada would no longer be bombing Syria. I would actually say that I was shocked and surprised that a Canadian politician had some sanity.

Needless to say, it wasn’t surprising to me that you later back-pedalled on this, and announced that “Canada” would continue to bomb Syria until Feb 22, 2016 [1, 2], apparently acting on the instructions of your handlers in Davos. The fact that this is done while simultaneously posing for photo ops with Syrian refugees and claiming that “Canada welcomes refugees” is particularly repugnant. My faith in the status quo of Canadian politics is nicely restored by your lack of action and backbone.

It is now well past Feb 22, but I have not seen any media suggesting that you have followed through on your watered down promise of less future belligerence. This could be a failing of the media, in particular, the CBC, which appears to be solidly in the pockets of armaments industry, reporting idiocy like “Most Canadians disagree” that we should continue to bring peace and solve the Syrian refugee outflux by bombing them [3]. Can you please confirm or deny whether you did limit “our” peacekeeping to one additional month of bombing.


Peeter Joot


A copy of this letter and any responses will be made available on the internet for public comment.