Finally, some sensible cause and effect analysis of the Ukraine conflict.

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When you see the media all moving in lock step beating the drums of war, it’s clear that there’s a heavy propaganda element to the story, and that there must be deeper issues at play.  It seemed obvious to me that there was surely US funded covert conflict undergirding this story, as has been repeatedly been the case in so many other world conflicts.

I’ve not been going out of my way to ferret out that info, but it was inevitable that some would eventually cross my path.  I’m sure there will be more, but here’s one little bit of the story:

Ep. 2074 Russia, Ukraine, and NATO

This was, in my judgment, a sensible cause and effect analysis on the Ukraine conflict, that doesn’t just try to paint things as a reaction to NATO incursion (which is surely some part of the story.)

In that interview, Tom Wood’s guest, Gilbert Doctorow, expounds on two specific points that are significant.  The first is that there has been an informal undeclared war against the Russian Ukrainian states for 8 years (with active shelling of Ukrainian/Russian civilians in those areas, and explicit disregard for the existing negotiated treaties).  The second point is that the Ukrainian President’s recently declared his intent to start a Ukrainian nuclear weapons program.

In addition to those points, recall that psychopathic elements in the US government and power broker circles financed a coup in the Ukraine for the tune of $5 Billion dollars in 2014 (Obama era).  Some of that financing went to literal NeoNazis! We have multiple generations of US government corruption in play, with Trump keeping up the game by coordinating US weapon sales to Ukraine, and with Biden’s family playing money laundering games (and who knows what else) in the region.

I’m not excusing Putin and the psychopathic elements that surely also exist on the Russian side. There is plausible reporting on Putin’s use of bombing or attempting to bomb his own people in Moscow to justify the Chechen war. It takes a special kind of evil to kill your own people to justify killing other people. There’s also considerable reporting on the disappearing of and deaths of Russian reporters and dissidents. I’d be very surprised if there was not truth to a considerable portion of that reporting given Putin’s KGB origin story.  Putin is not a good guy in this story, even if there is unreported rationale for his actions.

It takes a lot of work to get a full scale conflict to play out, and this one is big enough that apparently everybody seems to have simultaneously forgotten all the covid fear mongering, and government and medical tyranny of the last two years. One thing that we can be certain of, is that a lot of people will make money from this war and the financial gouging that is enabled by it, regardless of the extent that it is taken.

Lots of people on both sides will die, as powerful factions on both sides profit from the chaos.

Ontario government spending tax money on LinkedIn propaganda.

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Am I the only one who thinks that this advertising is abysmally pathetic given the circumstances?  After two years of endless mindless lockdowns and restrictions, it is a miracle that there is anything left of Ontario’s economy.  Sure, those businesses that have managed to survive the predations of the government itself, might now be getting stronger, as some of those restrictions are now tapering off.

Ontario Government, please get the fuck out of our lives.  Spending tax dollars on advertising that tells everybody how good you are, since nobody believes it anymore, is just transparent election pandering for weak minded individuals.

TPP sales pitch from Bob Saroya, my “representative” in parliament.

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My “representative” member of parliament, Bob Saroya, is busy wasting my money my sending out TPP sales propaganda, apparently believing that I’m stupid enough to fall for this bit of fear mongering.


My response was:

I received your TPP sales pitch.  I’m not surprised to see a member of parliament attempting to sell Canada to unaccountable corporate tribunals, using a misleading attempt to disguise this as a “free trade”.

This is of course the function of government “representation”, to take resources from people who actually work for them, and channel them into the hands of power elite.  Your letter demonstrates that you are serving this purpose admirably!
Of course there’s a chance that you are just spouting the party line without actually believing or understanding what you are writing.  Even if that is the case, it is disappointing and frustrating to see taxpayer resources wasted on such empty propaganda.

It is already time for remembrance day propaganda

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The propaganda for celebration of war, destruction, killing, and rape is already starting.  I was greeted today on facebook by the serene and smiling image of a world war II vet, along with his seemingly innocent request for “likes”


This is probably supposed to make people feel patriotism, the worship of an artificial boundary on a map and its associated label system.  Patriotism and national pride worship are designed to ensure that no rational thought opposes the psychopathic figureheads that run our modern “democracies”.

When we see vet worship propaganda like this, you have to think about the interests that encouraged the war in the first place.  These are power brokers like the Carnegies that requested that Wilson not end the war (WWI) too soon (and who had concluded in their minutes before that there was no better institution for profits than the business of war).  These are the armaments and munitions  manufacturers.  These are the companies that built the tanks and the planes that bombed uncounted civilians in Germany and the UK.  These are the makers of weapons that use white phosphorus and depleted uranium, and the makers of cluster bombs that shred children into hamburger meat before and after they are deployed.

I would describe us as being in world war III now.  This is the series of undeclared and covert wars that the USA and NATO have waged since world war II.  This is a war that happens with our tacit approval.  This approval that is assumed because there is no widespread disapproval.  Unfortunately, so much of this modern and current war happens without our even knowing about it, that nobody thinks to object.  This war is disconnected from our immediate attention, and most of the time we don’t even realize that we are funding it.  As always, I don’t want my tax dollars, money stolen from me at the point of a gun, to be used to fund the slaughter of people in Yugoslavia or Libya or <enter your favorite target in some little known corner of the world>, but I can’t control this.  It happens again and again, and is truly disgusting.

I am happy to see that this poor fellow survived.  However, if he had fought a real war, it would have been the war against the propaganda and brainwashing that involved him in the combat that got most of his compatriots killed, and against the same combat that killed uncountable numbers of civilians and “enemies”, and against the combat that encouraged these “enemies” to do the same.

I will not be liking this picture.